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   Glass Countertops
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If using glass as a remodeling material just means windows to you, then you’re in for a surprise. Glass countertops and vanities are becoming more popular with homeowners who are remodeling the bathroom or kitchen and want something interesting and new.

Beautiful and stylish, glass combines exceptional form with functionality. It offers an incredible range of design possibilities as the glass can be processed to create many different shapes, colors and textures. As a translucent material it can also be combined with other design elements for added effect, such as glass over aluminum or decorative tile embedded into the slab. Installing lighting under the counter creates added drama and elegance.

Glass is non-porous which makes it an excellent countertop choice. It is extremely sanitary, requires very little maintenance and is exceptionally easy to clean. As an added bonus, in the kitchen it can endure high heat without cracking or scorching.

Glass can also be mounted in a variety of different ways, creating an interesting visual effect, as well as opening even more design options. Curvet, for example, is a company that specializes in glass, offering both custom countertops and glass lavatory sinks and counters, as well as custom riser kits that can be bonded to the glass and fastened to the existing countertop creating raised glass overhanging tops. An island with an added glass riser can be instantly transformed into a chic “café nook” and beautiful focal point for the kitchen.

Think Glass is a relatively new company that offers beautiful sculpted glass countertops for a wide range of applications. The glass can be clear or colored, textured or polished and is available in a variety of patterns. The result is an amazingly high-end look for about the same cost as a granite countertop.

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