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    Going Green?
  Why "Going Green" Matters
to You:
  Whether you're considering a whole-house remodel or just replacing a light fixture or two, there's never been a better time to consider "Going Green". These articles can help give you the knowledge and understanding into why it is more important now than ever to make this home improvement an energy efficient one!  
  Green remodeling will not only save you money in the long run, it will help out our planet and cut back on your carbon footprint.  

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Green Remodeling Articles
   Green Remodeling Articles
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  Floor Installation: Remodel with a clear conscience!   Making an Older House Eco-Friendly
  Beautify your home and save money with energy efficient and eco-friendly options for floor installation...   Was your home built more than 10 years ago? Here are the tips you need to upgrade and save energy costs...

  Top 5 Keys to Remodeling Your Bathroom for Energy Efficiency   Could your windows and doors be costing you energy efficiency?
  You can remodel your bathroom to be more energy efficient and save money on energy and water costs...   Find out if your house is leaking energy and costing you more on energy bills and how to fix it...

  Top 5 Reasons to Convert to Solar Energy   Get "Green" this Spring: Eco-Friendly Projects for the Spring.
  Ever thought about converting to Solar Energy in your home? Here's why you should...   When Spring arrives these projects can help you prepare your home for energy savings in the hot Summer months...

  Top 5 Eco-Friendly Landscaping Strategies   Top 5 Eco-Friendly Paint and Wall Coverings
  Think landscaping can't be eco-friendly? See how these tips can help lower energy and water costs...   Indoor paints and wall-covering options that are healthier and cost effective for your home...

  Top 5 Tips on Renovating for Efficiency   Top 5 Eco-Friendly Siding Options
  If you're thinking about renovating your home for energy efficiency, start with these simple projects...   Learn about the latest and most energy efficient options available for home siding...

  Top 5 Benefits of a "Green Roof"   The Hottest Trends in Green Remodeling
  The latest roofing trend is the 'Green Roof.' Learn why this is a good option for you and your home...   This article discusses the hottest green trends in remodeling. This will teach you about exciting and innovative green remodeling changes that you can easily undertake. The green remodeling trends discussed in this article are simple and generally inexpensive to set up.

  Eco-Friendly Painting Contractors   Save Some Green with Tax Incentives
  I don't like many shades or tones of green, you're thinking. I'm not that fond of green either, maybe Hunter Green. That is okay because the green I'm referring to is the environmental green, a.k.a. eco-friendly. One of the things that all of us can do to help preserve the environment is to use eco-friendly products and there is no exception when it comes to paint.   Qualifying for tax incentives may be easier than you thought, especially if you're considering buying a new vehicle or renovating your home. Buy “green” or eco-friendly models and materials to qualify for many different tax breaks. This list can get you started on saving the environment while putting a little cash back into your pocket.