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   The Home Gym: A great basement remodeling idea
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wine cellars, wine cellar racksIf you’re tired of waiting to use a machine at your local gym you may find a solution to your problem right under your nose. Literally.

Adding a home gym in your basement is a great basement remodeling idea, as well as a great way to beat your traffic problems at the gym.

Today’s home gyms are well-designed rooms that feature a variety of equipment. With just a little investment you can create a great space you’ll want to spend time in. The payoff? No more gym fees and, hopefully, a healthier you.

The basement is a great spot for your home gym as the noise of the machines or loud music will not likely disturb other family members. It will also give you more privacy during your workout.

Here are some tips for creating a home gym that you’ll love to spend time in:

home gym, home gym equipment Design the space around the equipment you’ll want to use. Even if you don’t have the budget to buy all the machines and weights you want now, you want to have the room to add more in the future. A cramped space will not feel inviting. You’ll want room to workout, stretch and relax. Don’t forget to plan for a television and stereo equipment also for entertainment while you work up a sweat.
home gym, home gym equipment Buy the best equipment your budget will allow. Have a plan for what equipment you want and prioritize. Cheap equipment will cost you more in the long run. Talk to fitness trainers and get their recommendations based on your personal fitness goals.
home gym flooring, home gym design Paint the room an energetic color that you love. If all four walls is too overpowering then do just one and accent other areas with the same color through artwork.
home gym flooring, home gym design Lighten up. Make sure to have a layered lighting scheme, as it will give you more options. Use either track lighting with spots or recessed lighting to highlight key task areas, but don’t forget a table or floor lamp to create a quieter mood for a relaxing cool down or stretch session. Dimmer switches are invaluable in a home gym as you can control the amount of light you want.
home gym review, home gym reviews Ventilate. This is a gym after all, so you’ll want to make sure to have a good ventilation system to avoid any odors and keep the air fresh.
home gym review, home gym reviews Don’t forget the details. A locker, a large mirror, a small fridge for energy drinks, a shelf stacked with clean white towels and a place sit with a magazine are all great ways to create a sense of being somewhere where your personal comfort is the main focus. If this area feels special you’re all the more likely to use it.

This is your space, the more time and thought you put into planning it, the better it will be. And best of all, you’ll have it all to yourself!