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Hurricanes are a fact of life in Nassau County and so a solid roof is necessary to withstand the terrific pressures and windblown debris. Once a roof integrity has been breached the secondary effects are more devastating. Water from the torrents of rain can pour in and destroy the home’s interior.

House Bill 7057

To lessen the effects of a hurricane damage a new law, House Bill 7057, now requires that roofs installed before 2002 have to be reinforced to better withstand a hurricane's punch. This entails more stringent rules on nailing the roof deck and to install secondary-water barrier for better roof-to-wall protection. To adhere to the law the work must be completed by a roofing contractor licensed by the state of Florida.

Types of Roofing

The type and shape of the roof on your home can help determine how well it will perform during a severe windstorm in Nassau.

Hipped Roof: This type of roof is “Barn-like” in that it slopes upward from all sides of the building. This gives it an aerodynamic quality and structural integrity that allow it to perform better in windstorms that most other roof types.

Gabled Roof: This a standard-style where the two slopes meet up to form a ridge or a peak at the top. Gabled roofs have overhanging eaves that can catch wind gusts in a hurricane. As well lesser attention is place on bracing the end wall and this is also a disadvantage when confronted with the high velocity winds.

Since House Bill 7057 requires remodeling a gabled end wall this can be accomplished by:

  • Balloon Framing. The walls are built from the floor below all the way up to the roof using single length studs, cement, cement blocks or Insulated Concrete Forms. Balloon-framed gable end walls do not have to support the triangular part of the gable as in normal construction as they are a continuous structure. In a severe storm this triangular part can fold over on itself collapsing the roof.

  • Platform framing. With this option the intersection of the gable and the end wall are braced. If there is an attic in the home bracing cane be used to provide the lateral support of the gable end wall. Along with bracing along the top and the bottom of the gable end the entire gable end to the top of the end wall can be further strengthened with metal hurricane connectors.

Types of Roofs

  1. Tile – As old as civilization itself the clay tile is probably the most used tile in the world. Yes it is heavy but it will usually last the life span of the home.

  2. Fiber Cement – A constant in roofing for over 70 years it has only been in the past 20 years that cellulose fibers were substituted for asbestos. An imitation of tile this product is manufactured in corrugated panels comes in a wide range of colors.

  3. Metal – The draw for steel is that it weighs only 1.25 lb per square foot, almost one-tenth the weight of many clay tile. Many contractors claim that, because it is bolted down, it is safer than tiles in hurricanes withstanding up to 225 mph winds..

  4. Asphalt – The 3-tab asphalt shingle is the old reliable in roofing and can still do the job if placed in the right way. It’s cheap and easy to put down, however, if you do not tar down the tabs wind gusts are able, in some cases, to strip a roof.

  5. Laminates – This type of shingle is generally more durable than 3-tabs. They a;so look great, like cedar shakes in some case.

Ask your Nassau County roofing experts to give you an estimate on the type of roof you need for the house style you possess.

For more information in the new codes for hurricanes in the Nassau area you can go in person to:

Public Services Building
96161 Nassau Place
Yulee, Fl. 32097

Other Contact information:

* (800) 948-3364
* (904) 321-5760
Fax: (904) 321-5763

Building Official - Whitey Moran, C.B.O.
Extension: 104

Deputy Building Official - Bob Sasser, C.B.O.
Extension: 145

Sr. Plans Examiner(Commercial) - Keith Ellis, C.E.A.P.
Extension: 150

Plans Examiner(Residential) - Ed Letellier, C.B.O.
Extension: 151