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Building a business in any field requires setting aside time for marketing even during the busy times. When there are only so many hours in the day, and these are spent finishing up project details or supervising a new job, sometimes the search for new work gets put on the back burner. And because time was not set aside to explore new marketing avenues the project board may be blank or spotted with empty spaces when the present work has been completed.
What if you could get an introduction to some one who had the resources to start a project? In addition, how much time could be saved if you knew the exact particulars of a job, like category, location, square footage and price expectations of the potential customer? And would having several pieces of contact information including email be better than leaving messages and relying on an hit-and-miss way of communicating? Knowing many of these details can add up to a substantial time savings.
A great addition for the tool box of any contractor is contractor leads. Rather than phoning around to drum up business having qualified contractor sales leads in hand save both time and money. Because used in conjunction with a website and a professional sales presentation contractor job leads will provide work and business growth from pre-authorized clients.
Contractor lead generation is a careful process where homeowners wanting everything from home repair right up to building a custom home are screened and qualified before the information is passed on to the contractor. This includes a phone call where the amount of details is increased so that the contractor can gather valuable information about the project before contacting the homeowner.
In a busy world contractor leads save steps, time and provide the contractor with an informal introduction or “handshake” to the prospective customer. In addition a contractor lead is a building block to other business opportunities from relatives and acquaintances of the original lead.