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Thank you for your email and follow-up. I am in the process of selecting one of the several contractors I have spoken with. Without a doubt, the service you provide in his area is second to none. Again, I thank you and will let you know the final outcome once the project is completed.
Homeowner in
Accokeek, Maryland
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  Attics and Basements   Miscellaneous
  Attics, basements, remodeling, finishing...   Lighting, tools, design, safety, weatherproofing...

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  Countertops, showers, toilets, fixtures, lighting...   Monthly homeowner newsletters, articles, tips...

  Cabinets & Countertops   Painting
  Cabinets, pantry, layout, granite, marble, limestone...   Interiors, exteriors, wallpapering, paint calculator...

  Decks , Gazebos, & Porches   Patios
  Finishes, maintenance, restoration, playhouses, utility buildings...   Entryway patios, sun rooms, covered patios, poolside patios, retreat patios...

  Drywall & Plastering   Paving
  Drywall, plastering, sheet rock, installation, repair...   Asphalt, stone, concrete, paving, maintenance, restoration...

  Exterior Finishes & Siding   Plumbing
  Vinyl, brick, wood, siding options, pressure washing...   Pipes, toilets, sinks, plumbers, fixtures, cleaning...

  Flooring   Remodeling & Room Additions
  Hardwood, carpeting, laminate, finishing, flooring contractors...   Home office, basements, gym, additions, tips and tricks...

  Heating & Ventilation   Roofing & Gutters
  Chimney cleaning, flue Liners, exhaust fans, fireplace inserts, gas, wood, electric...   Wood, metal, slate, asphalt, comparisons, roofing calculators...

  Improvement Calculators   Windows & Doors
  Easy calculations for your next home improvement project, cost and materials...   Entrace doors, coverings, treatments, skylights, cleaning...

  Kitchen Remodeling   Writer Biographies
  Appliances, countertops, furniture, cabinets, ranges, decorating...   Biographies about the people who write and post these articles...

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  Shrubs, flowers, lawn care, pest control, gardening...   Get free estimates on all your home renovation needs...
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