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Having the right tools for your home improvement project can mean the difference between a perfect fit and next winter's fire starter.
The first tool for any at home project should be the national building code, full of requirements and permit restrictions, as well as which and when inspections are required. Once you have this you can be sure that your home stays up to code and safety regulations.
When purchasing tools spend your resources on attaining the very best quality. As your projects progress, you will be glad you did. Buy brands that you know and can trust. Tools that feel comfortable and sturdy in your hand will be a joy to work with. Through proper maintenance and use, you will achieve premium results as well as the longest life possible from your tools.
For everyday around the house projects, such as changing a light bulb or assembling a new piece of furniture, there are a few essentials every home needs. These can be broken down into a couple of categories, which take in the needs of most small jobs.
Second are leveling tools and most importantly a 2 to 4 foot level. When it comes to making sure your project is level or plumb, the rule 'The longer the level the more accurate you will be', applies. Making sure your work is accurate will solve a lot of frustration in the future.
The category most often used by homeowners involves that of attaching, dismantling and assembling. Having at least 3 different types of screwdriver and a hammer, will work for most small jobs. Screwdrivers although available in various designs are broken up into 3 main groups. The Philips head, which is for screws with a star head. The Robinson head is square and used in Tool box belongs to home improvement contractorseveral sizes for electrical work. A flat head screw driver although used less than in times gone by, is still handy to have and typically used for smaller screws in more visible places, such as doors and light plates. A good 12 to 16oz finishing hammer will complete the first aid kit for your home. Although perhaps lacking the power of a larger framing hammer, the finishing hammer is much more useful for most household repair work.
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