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   Exhaust Fans
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Did you know the occupants of a typical home can generate over half a US gallon of air-borne moisture per day - close to 200 US gallons a year! Where does this moisture come from? There are many sources:
Showers and baths
Washing and drying laundry
Food preparation and cooking
Even breathing generates air-borne moisture in a home. Unless this moisture is controlled, it can lead to the growth of house mold, damaged finishes, and lingering odors in your home.
Bathroom exhaust fan installed by the skilled contractors at Renovation Experts . comThe first line of defense against moisture problems, should be the regular use of your home's kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans. Properly installed exhaust fans remove air-borne moisture, generated during peak times, such as showering or cooking. Water seen condensing from boiling pots or kettles against walls or windows contributes to moisture accumulation. Moisture usually condenses unnoticeably, unless removed quickly it becomes a problem.
Existing kitchen/bathroom exhaust fans must be properly connected to ensure appropriate removal of air from the inside to the outside. Interior spaces such as attics, basements, etc. can produce house mold caused from incorrectly exhausted fans. Best defense against mold allergies, costly mold testing, or rot is a professionally installed exhaust fan. Correctly installed fans exhaust to exterior grills, generally located on or near:
Examine exterior exhaust vents, moisture may be vented somewhere within your home if they cannot be found. Many kitchen/bathroom fans I have encountered during renovation projects are not suitably ducted and suffer from this installation short-cut.
Kitchen/bathroom exhaust fan nowhere to be found? Things to consider if you’re looking to have one installed:
Air moving capacity (measured in cubic feet per minute)
Noise generated while operating (measured in sones – the lower the better)
Energy efficiency of the fan itself and any light fixture included in the fan.
Basic design of fans can vary – fans that use a propeller-type fan blade generally don’t perform quite as well as blower fans that utilize a ‘squirrel cage’ type of blade assembly.
Good exhaust fans should move enough air to be effective, not waste energy unnecessarily nor irritate the user with noise.
Consider exhaust duct styles. Smooth-walled, rigid ducting works best, offering the least resistance to the air moved by the fan. Flexible ducting types are less effective because they are collapse-prone, choking off the fan. Their irregular surfaces can inhibit smooth air flow.
Considering installing a bathroom exhaust fan but aren’t comfortable cutting holes in walls and ceilings and running ductwork yourself? Hire a contractor, ensuring functional, reliable installation.