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   Exterior Home Improvements: Do Them While It's Hot!
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Do your Exterior Remodeling while it's Hot! Summer is the perfect time to have exterior work done on your home!

Summer is the perfect time to have exterior work done on your home. Likely you already have a list of things that need to be done on your home this year or next. We can help you cross some exterior projects off your list this summer.

Annually inspecting the exterior of your home and regularly repairing leaks, damage or wear will protect your home from needless damage. These repairs and upgrades will increase the value of your home and keep it looking good!

Whether you need to replace your shingles, redo your exterior paint colors, put up new siding, install energy efficient windows or even put up an addition or a sunroom - we can help you get it done this summer! Why wait till the winter and let another year go by? Here are 6 hot projects that can improve the value of your home this summer.

#1 Roofing

Is it time for a new roof? Perhaps this is something you've been putting off. Maintaining your roof however, is vital because it is your home's first defense against the elements of wind, water and snow. There is a lot involved in installing a new roof besides the shingles, including: preparing the roof, stripping the old roof, sheathing, underlayment, roof flashing, drip-edge flashing, valley flashing, vent-pipe flashing, chimney flashing, skylight and ridge flashing.
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So, whether you are thinking of going with asphalt shingles, laminated shingles, wood shingles, slate, tile or metal roofing have your roof properly installed by experienced roofing pros! Summer is the perfect time to get your roof done and out of the way!

#2 Exterior Painting

Painting your home's exterior protects your house, adds to its aesthetic value and enhances its curb appeal. Key factors in the longevity of an exterior paint job are: 1) using a good quality exterior paint, 2) fastidious prep work and 3) implementation of skilled painting knowledge and techniques.
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Experienced paint contractors can help determine why and where paint is failing on your home's exterior in order to help prevent future blistering, peeling, wrinkling, alligatoring, chalking and bleed through. An effective exterior painting job can last for more than ten years. Leave your home to skilled painters and enjoy your new look!

#3 Siding

New siding can give your house the facelift it needs. Siding can be installed on your entire house or used together with other exterior cladding such as brick or stone. Traditional siding includes clapboard, stucco and wood shingles. Aluminum, fiber cement and vinyl siding are fabulous alternatives to these traditional sidings. When these cost-effective sidings are installed correctly they are almost maintenance free!
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Siding should be installed over the appropriate housewrap or building paper and all windows and doors should have proper flashing installed before the siding goes up. Any gaps in the exterior siding needs to have caulking and there should be sufficient venting for moisture. Have your siding done by siding pros and enjoy the fine results for years to come!

#4 Replacement Windows

Installing new energy efficient windows in your new home or as replacement windows your older home is a smart remodeling decision. In fact, replacing windows is one of the most important energy use decisions that you can make for your home. Choosing the right kind window for your climate and area will have a big impact on heat loss and heat gain, so you will need to do your research.
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Not only is selecting the proper windows important, but another key factor to your windows being truly energy saving is having them installed correctly. After all, you don't want to be losing or gaining heat around the sill, head or jambs that surround the window's casing. Have your new windows professionally installed by our skilled contractors this summer and start enjoying the savings!

#5 Home Additions

There is no time like the summer to start your home addition! For some that is exactly what they decide to do. Rather than sell and move to a bigger home the solution for their growing needs is to build on to their existing home. Home additions need to be well designed and proportioned to suit the outside of the home and to resolve traffic flow problems with in the home.
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Unlike room remodeling, home additions involve almost as much work as building a new home. HVAC, electrical, plumbing, the foundation, roof and exterior cladding all have to be planned and scheduled into the project. In the end however, a well planned, solidly built addition can solve many problems and add substantial value to your home! Need help with yours?

#6 Sunrooms

Sunrooms are the best of both worlds - inside and out. When part of your deck is converted to a screened-in porch or sunroom you can enjoy the view and the breeze without the black flies and mosquitoes. These rooms also extend the summer season and keep you sheltered from the elements. Many enjoy there sunroom so much that spend most of their time at home there!
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If you've been planning and hoping to have a sunroom built on your home - we can help! Skilled workmanship can give real peace of mind and make your sunroom more enduring, both in style and structure!
Summer certainly is the time to take care of your exterior home improvement projects in order to maintain and enhance your home! Our network of skilled contractors can care for the exterior of your home. Come to us for help with your exterior building projects - small or big!!

June Home Improvement Report Newsletter - Survey Results

In our June newsletter - The Home Improvement Report by Renovation Experts - we posed the question: Which backyard improvement would you most like to do this season? in our survey. The results are in. The number one backyard project that respondents wanted to to this season was landscaping. Here are the results  
  1. Landscaping 43%
  2. Deck 28%
  3. Patio 19%
  4. Pool 10%