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   Fabulous Flooring: Options and Trends
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Just as the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, choosing the right floor covering is one of the most important ways to bring your home’s look into sharp focus. So whether you’re thinking about a major remodeling project, or just looking to give a room a “facelift”, take the time to consider your flooring options.
You may be surprised at the amount of choice available.
As you begin to explore your options, take time to consider the function of the space, the look you want to achieve and the traffic patterns. Does this area need to be frequently cleaned? Will children or pets be in the area a lot? How willing or able are you to do any required maintenance? As with any remodeling project, a little preparation goes a long way to helping you decide which type of floor you want.
Here are some floor covering options:
Foyer with new hardwood floors installed by experience Renovation Experts contractors Hardwood A traditional favorite, hardwood floors are known for their timeless beauty and durability. With so many types of wood and finishes to choose from, hardwood floors easily fit into any décor — from country style to urban chic. They do require regular maintenance, however, especially in high traffic areas.

Oak remains the favorite wood but other varieties, such as ash, maple and walnut, are also popular. Exotic species, such as Brazilian cherry, are also gaining in popularity for its interesting grain and variation.

Although most homeowners choose a standard size for their hardwood floor, wider width planks — such as 3- and 5-inch widths — are increasingly popular as well.
Although most homeowners choose a light or medium stain, dark stains have made a huge comeback over the past couple of years — with the right décor the result is stunning.
With a wide range of tile types, sizes, colors and patterns available, ceramic tile has become a very popular flooring option in recent years. Incredibly durable, ceramic tile can be glazed or unglazed, smooth or textured. Although not so common a mosaic tile floor is visually stunning. Made using small pieces of ceramic or glass tile, mosaic tile floors are laid down in a pattern. Incredibly intricate and time-consuming to put in, this type of floor is best suited to a small room. The end result is dramatic and definitely one-of-a-kind.
Rolls of carpet awaiting installation by flooring installers at Renovation Experts Carpeting Carpet remains a top choice for homeowners due to the warmth, style and versatility it offers. As with all flooring options, there are many different types of carpeting available: plush, cut pile, Saxony plus (shorter tufts) and Berber (high level loop) in wool or synthetic fibers.With a large selection in colors, you are sure to find the perfect match for your furnishings.
LaminateSince coming on the market in the early 1990s, laminate flooring quality has improved immeasurably. Popular for its price, durability and ease of installation, laminates are being used in all areas of the home. If you love the look of hardwood but can’t afford to install it, or simply don’t like all the maintenance involved, the new sophisticated laminates are for you.
Vinyl or linoleumA cinch to clean, vinyl or linoleum is still a popular choice for the kitchen and bathroom. Although they have sometimes been viewed as one of the lower-grade options, many of today’s vinyl or linoleum products come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and are very attractive. Vinyl or linoleum is available in either sheet or tile and very easy to install.
Marble tile flooring to be installed by experienced home improvement contractors Natural stoneWho hasn’t seen a marble floor and marveled at the sheer elegance of it? The natural beauty of stone makes it a desirable element for many homeowners, especially in the kitchen or bathroom. Although one of the most expensive flooring options, natural stone is very durable and, if cared for properly, will last a lifetime.Natural stone tile is less expensive than the more traditional offerings and comes in all the same varieties: slate, limestone, flagstone, granite and marble.
BambooBamboo is becoming more common in American homes as it is harder than hardwood, but often cheaper.
Mostly used in the kitchen and bathroom, cork tile is a very attractive (and expensive) option that has been steadily gaining in popularity in recent years. With its warm look and durability, it’s a great alternative to linoleum.