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Los Angeles has always been a focal point of Californian lifestyle. It’s booming with fashion and design trends with a somewhat big-city feel, but LA also has that laid-back, be who you want to be persona. Always expanding, LA’s homes and apartments have shrunk in square footage, but that’s alright because this article has great ideas for your small kitchen remodel.

LA has a great market with premium building materials, but the market is in demand so the prices can vary quite a bit. Remember, when it comes to kitchen countertops and cabinetry, don’t sacrifice more money to get a premium product. Many cabinetry these days can be finished or painted after installed to give you a beautiful design to fit solid wood while saving you money. Granite and marble both come in different designs and pricing but hold the same durability. You can save money, while still getting a style you love.

The kitchen is the center of the house - business center for a burgeoning ideas, conversation central with friends and family, storage for pans and pots, arts and crafts for the kids, breakfast, lunch and dinner central, you name it. In recent years, and considering the economic shift, many individuals have downsized and smaller kitchen areas are actually a means of life. But don't worry! You will find loads of small space kitchen design ideas and practical solutions to take advantage of your kitchen square footage.

Today people are spending more and more time enjoying their home and are making it a priority to generate comfort spaces that certainly fit their lifestyles. Making an affable and efficient kitchen, that incorporates your lifestyle convenience while increasing your storage space, is usually a priority.

Research and Determine

One great idea to begin with when embracing your kitchen space would be to just observe and know how you and your family actually use the space. Some families spend most of their everyday time in their kitchen while other families may just eat meals in the kitchen at the dining table and make use of the living room for social gatherings. By checking your use of the space, you will get a better idea of how to plan the layout so you get the most bang for your buck. Write down your daily routine in the kitchen for a month. Seeing the day-to-day activities written down can give you an honest overview of how your family uses the kitchen and how you require it to work - what's working and what's not. And while you're at it, make notice of favorite design styles and how you feel when it comes to color, consistency and design. These design accessories could fundamentally add layers to your kitchen space.

Your Home, Your Main Stage

Take a look around your house at your accessories in each room to find out how it balances out the room and adds to the design, this way you can know what works and what doesn’t. A focal point may be the heart of the room; the key item is always the accessory that the room works around. For your living room, it could be the fireplace, for bedrooms it could be your canopy bed. For little kitchens, it is the usually the whole area, but countertops and cabinets are main focal points you may want to focus on. Just how does one create a complete house? Examine your kitchen as one solid unit. Use either a basic palette combined with one other color when painting your room to keep the eye moving and for the kitchen to feel like one complete unit. Don’t go to crazy with a variety of colors; this will create confusion and may come off as overwhelming. One simple solution for creating this concept is to make sure that your backsplash sample is consistent and even the outlets squeeze into the style aesthetic. Make certain they are the main pattern or color scheme and that they easily fit into your design instead of standout and pull the attention away from the rest of the kitchen. Have a look around and ensure the area fits together.


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