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Creating the Ideal Kitchen with Renovation Experts
The kitchen is easily the most used room in the home, but in too many cases poor layout and outdated styles make it both inefficient and unattractive.
The modern kitchen is the true heart of the home. It is the place where cooking, eating, planning, homework, family communication, entertaining and socializing all happen.
If you’re like many homeowners you’re more than aware of the shortcomings of your kitchen and have already spent time dreaming of a new kitchen.
As the most expensive home remodeling project, a kitchen renovation needs to be carefully planned. A kitchen that looks good but still doesn’t function well is money wasted.
Make the space fit the users
Long gone are the days when the kitchen was a place where mother worked — usually alone. The modern kitchen often has more than one cook and several helpers. Who uses the kitchen in your home? Is one cook tall and another short? Are there children in your home? Seniors?
By designing the kitchen with the users in mind, you will end up with a much more functional space. Varying countertop heights, for example, will not only make it more comfortable for people to work there, it can add a lot of visual style as well.
For older people bending down to open drawers and reaching into cupboards is often difficult. Using toe-pull bottom drawers and pull-out shelves minimizes that discomfort immensely.
If there is usually more than one person working in the kitchen, design the space to make sure they won’t be bumping into one another.
Buy the best appliances you can afford
Your appliances are the workhorses of the kitchen. What appliances you need depends largely on your family’s lifestyle. If you love to cook and entertain then you’ll want to put the bulk of your money into a top quality range and oven. For those families who like to get meals on the table quickly, the microwave is their best friend.
Create more than one work station
Kitchen designers have long used the classic work triangle (the shortest distance between the food preparation area, the refrigerator and the stove) as the key element in kitchen layout. Although that basic element may still exist in many modern kitchens, there is just as likely to be more than one sink, as well as extra counter prep area with refrigerator drawers underneath.
Once your family experiences the wonders of more than one work center, you’ll wonder how you ever did it before!
Think storage, storage, storage…
Good storage options in the kitchen are critical — not only for the kitchen not to look cluttered and messy, but for the space to work to its full potential. But don’t worry; you don’t have to be an organized person to have a very well organized kitchen. Today’s kitchens include: roll-out and fold-out shelves, a pull-out pantry, a recycling center, custom cabinets to house small appliances or other bulky items, a tilt-out shelf at the sink for pot scrubbers and brushes, and an endless array of other creative ways to battle clutter and find extra space in the busiest of rooms.
Build an island or use a cart
Think durability in materials
The kitchen is a task-oriented space yet the average kitchen operates with one central light on the ceiling. Under-cabinet lighting and stylish pot lights are vastly superior to that old standard. Add dimmer controls wherever possible for maximum flexibility.
Create a mini-office
More than any other room, the kitchen is the main gathering place in the home. Many homeowners are choosing to add a mini-office center to house a computer, filing drawers, phone and space for writing and posting messages for other family members. This center can be enclosed behind cabinet doors or left open.
Many parents of school-aged children want additional space in their mini-office for the kids to do their homework.
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