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   Counting The Cost Of Buying A Pool
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A refreshing swim on a hot summer day can be just what the doctor ordered.  However, a long drive in busy traffic to a crowded beach can be enough to discourage anyone.  From this dilemma the idea of the backyard pool arose.  Installing a pool though, requires careful planning.
Pool Points To Ponder
A swimming pool provides a means for recreation, exercise and physical therapy.
When you buy a pool you want something that meets your unique needs and gives you the best value.  One of the first decisions to make is whether to go with an above-ground or in-ground model.  Both pools can add to the esthetic appeal of your backyard.
Pools and Spa Projects Completed by the Home Improvement Contractors from Renovation Experts . com
While the initial installation cost of in-ground is typically greater, its permanence adds to the value of your home.  With surrounding decking and landscaping an above-ground pool will be attractive and retain the possibility of being dismantled and reassembled elsewhere, should you desire. Another consideration is the additional cost of items like outdoor lights, diving boards, slides, hand rails and a fence to enclose your yard.  While some accessories can be added at a later date, it should be remembered that it is more economical to have most equipment installed at the time of construction.
Pools and Spa's installed and maintained by the home improvement contractors at Renovation Experts . comRemember too, a fence is not optional for safety reasons. Whatever package you choose, make sure the contract you sign itemizes the work being done.  This avoids confusion and the inconvenience of unexpected expense. Costs that are not a part of the initial investment should be considered too. Be sure to inquire with your insurer about the cost of possible additional coverage.  Your installer can give you an idea of the potential increase in your electrical bill.  Being well informed is the key.  It will ensure that the enjoyment of your new pool is unspoiled.