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It is estimated that more than a million homes per year undergo major renovation or remodeling.
When homeowners first start thinking about a remodeling project, however, the “things to do” list can seem overwhelming — leaving many feeling uncertain of where to begin.
A good remodeling project can be as simple as new furnishings and window treatments, painting the kids’ room, or as large as building a two-storey addition on the back of the house.
No matter what the project though, it will take time and money to do it. So make sure it’s time and money well spent.
Remodeling at its most basic involves the following:
Roofing,Gutters Deciding what to do
Roofing,Gutters Estimating the cost
Roofing,Gutters Deciding whether or not to use a professional
Roofing,Gutters The most important step of a successful remodeling project — finishing the job.
Family looking at their new custom built home by the home improvement contractors at Renovation Experts . com Deciding what to do: Here’s where you have to spend a lot of time thinking about your priorities. Visit your local remodeling showroom or home improvement store. Look through magazines and books to get ideas. Talk to friends and relatives who have remodeled recently.
Look at all your options and don’t let yourself be boxed into just one view of what needs to be done. For instance, you might be thinking you need to add on to a space when the problem is really need for better storage and either a new set of shelves or space-savers, or help from a professional organizer could be the solution.
One of the most important steps is to determine what you hope to achieve, as that will help you figure out the best way to meet your goal. And don’t forget to think what your family’s needs may be in five to ten years…it could be very different from today and something worth considering.

Estimating the cost: For a simple painting job you might want to keep a close eye on your bank balance or credit card statement, but for a larger project you will have to sit down and crunch some numbers.

Work out your priorities and where you want to spend your money. Think about the pros and cons of financing through options such as a home equity loan. Figure out your absolute maximum amount.

Be realistic. There’s no point torturing yourself with a high end product if it’s just not in your budget. Save yourself the time and aggravation by doing the math first!

When you draw up a project plan, do some research so you know your options. A good contractor can help advise you of quality products that fit your price range, too.

Before the actual remodeling begins, work out a payment schedule so there are no misunderstandings or surprises.

Custome home building project from Renovation Experts' Nationwide Network of Contractors Deciding whether or not to use a professional: Many people choose to save money by doing the project themselves. If you have the skills and time to do that then it makes perfect sense to go this route. If not, you may be headed for nothing but frustration.
Talk to people you know who have recently had some renovation work done for references. Visit home shows and talk to the exhibitors or check out online referral services, such as Renovation Experts.
Finishing the job: It all boils down to good planning. By spending the time upfront in planning out the details you are more likely to finish the project. It’s that simple.
If you have a history of not finishing projects — big or small — then save yourself (and your family) the hassle and hire a contractor. It’s money well spent!